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Decentralized Gardens

Empowering abundance through community and emerging technology.

Learn how you can help us establish Food Forests everywhere and create a thriving decentralized food supply. 


Trade your Crypto currencies for food using Qortal. It is Community-Driven and Decentralized From The Hardware Layer Up. Designed To Create A More Secure & Liberating Digital World.

QORTAL completely removes the ability to gain any influence by monetary means. Rather than financial input or computer power, QORTAL uses time as the value metric for importance as a node on the network.

The first step towards growing

The first step towards growing is the most important step. Inform and empower yourself today.

Join our community and learn how to grow mushrooms at home for fun and profit. Take the training course at

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Our Mission | Your Coffee

DogeLord Coffee’s Mission is to bring the highest quality coffee to cryptocurrency enthusiasts in North America, and we want to Save Lives while we do it.

DogeLord Coffee ships your bags of precious java-cargo the same day it is roasted for optimal bloom. We offer a great selection of fresh roasted single origins, blends and an amazing selection of flavored coffees.

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